Dr. Kamini Rao's Master Class

Talk about the 90’s cricket, and it’ll always be incomplete without mentioning Mr. Venkatesh Prasad. “In every step of my sporting career, I always wanted to be a fast bowler.” says the former Indian cricketer. You’ve known the man in the field for his amazing bowling skills; but with this session of Dr. Kamini Rao’s Master Class, we get an insight into his life beyond the cricket pitch.

What keeps us filled with happiness, excitement, and anticipation?

We often encounter situations that dissuade us, but; with enthusiasm and passion, we have a more positive approach to overcome every difficulty decisively. “You need commitment; you need passion to keep going on in the field you’ve chosen,” says Venkatesh Prasad. Our passion is the energy that can significantly increase and boost our chances of what we pursue in life.

Will it be easy or worth it?

In the words of Venkatesh Prasad: “Nothing in life is easy, and nothing comes free. You have to work extremely hard to achieve anything.” We often question ourselves: Will it be easy? Instead, we should ask: Will it be worth it? We can either take the easy road and doom ourselves to a winless season, or we can work hard to become the best version of ourselves. Luck is marvellous but seldom to thank for success. With this conversation, the former Indian fast bowler highlights several interesting aspects important for an individual.

Have you ever wondered why some people meet every challenge with confidence while others struggle to accept them?

Wallowing in despair around a challenge doesn’t make it go away. Acknowledge the challenge and confront it; because every challenge is an opportunity to grow. Venkatesh Prasad states: “The more you enjoy the challenge, the better it is.” If challenges make our life adventurous, facing and overpowering them make our life meaningful.

Further, in the show, he talks about fitness and cricket- the game that has evolved over the years. How was the 90’s cricket different from the current T-20 gen? Don’t miss out on this exclusive session of Dr. Kamini Rao’s Master Class.

Inspirational talks are incredibly powerful, and this motivational talk show by Dr. Kamini Rao, and directed & produced by Mrs. Pooja S Rao, is widely appreciated and loved by viewers across the globe. The effort by the dynamic duo to bring in people who made the impossible possible with their hard work and ability continues with our upcoming episodes. Stay Tuned and Keep Watching Dr. Kamini Rao’s, Master Class.