Vindhya Subbiah, Nutritionist, Milann, Bengaluru

Here are some small changes which can make your meals healthier and more balanced in terms of nutrition. You can also do away with some unhealthy options that you may be including in your diet unconsciously.


  • Brown rice instead of white rice
  • Grated steamed caulifl ower for rice
  • White meat rather than red meat
  • Mashed avocado in place of mayonnaise
  • Multigrain or whole-wheat bread instead of white bread
  • Ragi or millets in place of rice


Instead of having just two or three big meals in a day, it is better to have small and more frequent meals. A bowl of salad with sprouts or a bowl of fruit in between meals ensures that you do not overshoot your total calorie count while at the same time acting as a healthy in-between snack.


Skipping breakfast is defi nitely not a good idea. Make your breakfast healthy by starting with a bowl of fruit, include sprouts and a bowl of yoghurt; an egg and a slice of toast ensure that you have a full healthy meal. The same goes for dinner. A generous helping of salad with your meal helps you to feel satiated at the same time ensuring that you do not overeat. It is advisable not to eat dinner just before you sleep. A gap of at least two hours is advisable.