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This episode of Dr. Kamini Rao’s Master Class features IPS Officer Raghavendra Auradkar. He last held the position of Director General of Police, Chairman & Managing Director for Karnataka State Police Housing & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited before retiring on 31st January 2020. With over three decades of professional service, he had several accomplishments under his hat. As a District Police Chief, his role was instrumental in rescuing and rehabilitating 191 sex workers to Mandya. In his last held position of DIGP Karnataka, officer Auradkar was chosen as the Deputy Chief for STAMPIT formed by the Government of Karnataka to investigate multi-crore fake stamp paper racket. This exclusive conversation brings forth a completely different side of officer Auradkar where he gets candid about his early days in Aurad Village. He was much inspired by his parents and he proudly states: “I’m the son of a teacher… my mother was a visionary.”

Have you ever considered approaching unpleasant circumstances more positively and productively?

Every situation we face is a life lesson. Officer Auradkar states: “Do something positive from your experiences.” No matter how bad a situation is, we will get through it. Instead of drowning in a downward spiral of despondency, we need to analyse each situation and find something we can learn. Our outlook on life has a dramatic impact on how we deal with a crisis. Holding onto negative emotions has never benefitted anyone.

“Whatever happens, happens for good.”

We have heard this quote time and again; it often rarely fails to surprise us. If we miss out on a big business deal or fail in a college entrance exam, we are frustrated and unable to understand the true meaning behind the happening. But now, when we look back, we realize that what seemed at that moment a sad and devastating situation all of a sudden seems worth it. Patience is the key. We need to wait because only then can we realize that what happens, happens because something better awaits.

“Don’t be carried away by what you see.”

Things that get a lot of eyeballs are a rather very fickle measurement of one’s success. There’s much more behind the gory than what meets the eye. In the words of Diego Maradona: “When you win, you don’t get carried away. But if you go step by step with confidence, you can go far.” Never let success isolate you from the people who supported you on your road to success. Stay humble and rise to heights.

“That was a turning point. I never looked back; it gave me confidence.”

Listen to what the former ADGP has to say about life and experiences to the viewers.

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