July 31, 2018, 0 Comment(s)

In the Indian society, healthcare is probably the only remaining profession which works on the welfare model at least in the government institutions. This ensures a prioritized, cost effective health care delivery to practically the entire population. Propaganda against doctors among other problems is seriously threatening the status quo.

Seventy years after independence, we have come to a situation where there is widespread dissatisfaction with all institutions of society. We have simply lost trust. All of them are seen as corrupt and self serving. It is only a matter of degree. No more is the doctor automatically held in high esteem. The default option is now to see him or her as lazy and greedy and ready to serve only the rich and powerful. This perception needs to drastically change, else we are in for a long haul of disaster, loss of faith and respect.

If the state sets up propaganda against hospitals, its practitioners might start practicing defensive medicine, and focus more on saving their own skin rather than treating a patient.

It is important to reflect on how the medical profession is always held in respect in our society has come to such a sorry pass where healthcare workers need protection from the very people they are meant to take care of. General increase in propaganda is a result of loss of faith in institutions and lack of understanding of science and society and is used as a method of demonstrating power. The state has failed to stand firm on the rule of law. It has been accepted and legitimised to use propaganda as a method of expressing disagreement. Each group in our society becomes vocal only when its interests are affected.

There is also a failure to establish and propagate a good understanding of modern science in India. Greater accountability is needed not only from doctors but from all sections of society. General public must truly believe that the institutions of the state which has been nominally created to serve them are actually doing so.

We must propagate science better. There has to be a better understanding of how the world and society works. The general public needs to be convinced that except for a very small number of really corrupt doctors, most of them are just trying to do what’s best in the circumstances they are in. The artificial divide between the medical community and the civil society should not be allowed to escalate.