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Professor Mohamed Rela is one of the world’s best liver transplant surgeons. With over 28 years of experience in liver transplantation, he is considered one of the world’s best liver transplant surgeons. The Chairman & Director of Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre, Dr. Rela has successfully performed over 4500 liver transplants in his career of 3 decades making his way into the Guinness Book of Records for performing successful liver transplantation of a 5-day old baby. Born to Haji S A Shamsudin, a textile businessman in Singapore and Hasma Beevi, in Kiliyanur village in Tamil Nadu; Professor Rela completed his schooling from Besant Theosophical High School and subsequently went on to pursue MBBS and MS degree from the Stanley Medical College in Chennai. The year 1986, marked another success for Dr. Rela when he received his second MS from Edinburgh. His contributions to the medical field include auxiliary transplantation, split liver transplantation techniques (first of its kind in India) and live donor liver transplantation. He also has to his credit the Living Donor Liver Transplant program, under which he performed 1500 liver transplants in a short span of 8 years. Aside from liver transplants, Dr. Rela is a busy hepatobiliary surgeon. According to an article published by Top Masters in Healthcare Administration, Dr. Rela is one of the most Innovative Paediatric Surgeons. Currently residing in India, he continues to be the Professor of Liver Surgery and Transplantation in London's King's College Hospital. Let's know more about him and what made him extraordinary in this episode.

Shot in the capital city of Tamil Nadu, this happens to be a unique episode of Dr. Kamini Rao’s Master Class. The session was recorded in Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre (RIMC). Spearheaded by Prof. Mohamed Rela, the institute is designed to provide proficient care with a special focus on the care of grave illness and multi-organ transplantation. The hospital houses one of the world's largest dedicated liver intensive care units and all these are the result of sheer dedication and efforts by Dr. Rela and his team. He was not born with any magical abilities, but he created magic in the life millions of patients. It is his hard work and perseverance that ultimately paid off.

“I never decided to be a liver surgeon. It was an opportunity that came to me and I grabbed it.”

he path to success is how you put the best use of the opportunity given. Our life is a great opportunity that we have; every new day offers a novel chance. Can you challenge your limits and take that chance?

“Once I saw a liver transplant operation, I was fascinated.
When I saw such a challenging operation, I thought that is the speciality for me.”

Had Professor Rela not taken that chance which came his way, would he be known as one of the best liver surgeons? He highlights the importance of opportunity not once but several times in this show.

There is a famous old saying: “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” One missed opportunity is almost equal to failure.

“The tougher it is, the better it is.”

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” We all must have come across this proverb at least once in our lifetime. We are often afraid of challenge and contention; hence we prefer taking the easy way out. Sometimes it is necessary to go against the ease and into the resistance. Life’s supreme achievements require going outside of your comfort zone. Not all risks guarantee success; neither does staying in our safe harbour. Taking risks in life will always teach us insightful lessons which will help us succeed.

“We devised techniques to further reduce to reduced liver.”

Discussing the famous surgery of his career which earned him a place in the Guinness Book of Records, Professor Rela states:

“At the time I did the transplant, I didn’t even know that this was the youngest child.”

Few days after the successful transplant, it was revealed by his colleagues that this was the youngest baby to have got the surgery done. Hence this set a mark for Dr. Rela’s career. He further goes on to describe the split, mono segment and the microvascular surgery that made headlines around the world back then. Meeting this young girl after two decades in 2017 at London’s King’s College Hospital was a coincidence but a very special moment for this doctor and patient duo.

“Liver transplant surgery is something where you can’t afford to make mistakes.”

Watch this informative session of Professor Mohamed Rela with Dr Kamini Rao in her Master Class where they further discuss his interests and unique transplant procedures from auxiliary transplantation to split liver transplantation techniques. He has an important message for the viewers, so watch this episode now!

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