New era in fertility sector

The trend of setting aside family life to build a career should be put under scanner since health complications and fertility issues have been detected, of late, in women, says Dr Kamini Rao.

Dr Rao is fully geared to make a historic benchmark in the Indian fertility sector. She is all set to conduct India’s first uterus transplant. This is a very bold decision y her to help women born without a uterus. It is sad that 6-7 lakh Indian women have this condition, she said.

The transplant will also greatly help young women who have lost the organ in accidents or to tumors or diseases such as tuberculosis.

“At times, women in the reproductive age are forced to undergo a hysterectomy and will be a boon to them,” explains Dr Rao.

The donors are usually the mothers who are more than willing to help their daughters conceive. The first surgery has been planned in May and they have more than 32 registrations (in the agegroup 28-35. The donors are in the agegroup of 50-55.

“Two have been selected for the first procedure,” reveals Dr Rao. “With surrogacy to be banned to our country, this will be a boon to women,” she points out.

Dr Rao is a Padma Shri awardee and is a pioneer in Assisted Reproduction Treatments (ART). She is the ‘godmother’ of thousands of In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) babies born over the course of two decades. She has been appointed as the brand ambassador for all fertility treatments in Asia and South Africa. Last month, she won the Global Asian of the Year of the award.