Dr. Kamini Rao's Master Class

This episode of Dr Kamini Rao’s Master Class- “Why be ordinary, when you can be Extraordinary”, features Nandan Kamath, the Principal Lawyer at LawNK. He is also the Managing Trustee of the GoSports Foundation. He is a recipient of the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship and has academic degrees from possibly the greatest universities across the globe like the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), University of Oxford and Harvard Law School. Calling himself a law student by chance he states: “More than anything else… sports showed me the world that was around us.” In his initial days, he was associated with Davis Polk & Wardwell and upon his return, he founded The Law Offices of Nandan Kamath (LawNK), a firm specializing in sports law in addition to media and technology. On being asked about his return to India, he proudly says: “I felt I’ll always be at my creative open best in Bangalore.”

“Sports is an exemplification and reflects a society we live in.”

Often termed as recreational pastimes, sports are an excellent reflection of how our society functions. Waves of change in sports define morals, and ethics attributed not only to athletes but the society entirely. It creates opportunities to enhance development in the physical and social spheres. Sports are a conveyor of our wellness, aggressiveness and teamwork. Indeed, sports have the power to create social change and inspire a community.

“We don’t have a very comfortable relation with failure in our country.”

We love reading about success stories, don’t we? But we hardly know about the failures behind those victories. Failure does not necessarily mean embarrassment or loss of esteem; instead, it’s a ride towards achievement. Remember, fear of failure is also a hidden fear of achievement. What has failure meant to you?

“Sometimes, the things you want don’t come to you immediately.”

Why don’t things ever go the way I expect them to happen? We often quote this in our daily life. It’s a common tendency for people to become morose when results don’t show up immediately in their life. Always believe that there is a right time and right place for everything. Countless obstacles emerge along the way, but the ability to push through and overcome them will make your life better. As the saying goes: “Things don’t happen the way you want it to; If it happens, it’s meant to be.”

Further, in this show, he quotes: “We’ve always had the skill; we’ve always had talent. We’ve just not provided the opportunity.” What made him say so? Let’s find out!

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