Medical miracle helps woman conceive

The success case story of the patient who underwent vaginoplasty by Dr. Mekhala Dwarakanath.

Doctors of a city hospital performed a vaginoplasty for a rare infertility problem diagnosed as uterus didelphys. she was able to conceive after the surgery

Twenty-nine-year-old Sneha had been dreaming of motherhood since her six-year-long marriage. Unable to conceive even after six years of marriage, she visited many gynaecologists in the city. While she was identified with an infertility problem, no one could give her a solution.

“After a scan, we did further evaluation to identify the cause of her infertility. We found that Sneha did not have a vagina or rather she had a blind vagina. There was an anus opening, through which the couple performed intercourse as they were unaware of it. On further evaluation in the 3D scan, we diagnosed the condition as uterus didelphys, a condition where a woman’s uterus is formed differently. Here, the double uterus was created with two separate cervices and sometimes even two vaginas (though not actually an absent vagina). We performed a vaginoplasty on her as she had already undergone hysterolaparoscopic evaluation," explained Dr Mekhala Dwarakanath, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine, Milann, Indiranagar, Bengaluru. With the help of a plastic surgeon, the surgeons did a vaginoplasty and inserted a vaginal mould.

Three months after the vaginoplasty, she could have sex normally. "Since she was keen on conceiving naturally, we supported her by inducing ovulation from the left ovary. She is now 10 weeks pregnant and we are all overwhelmed and excited with the success," added Dr Mekhala.