Dr. Kamini Rao's Master Class

“Having a working woman at home gives a lot of inspiration to daughters.”

When it comes to substituting quantity time for the quality one, who can do this better than a working mother? Daughters admire what their mothers have achieved without belittling their responsibilities towards the family. They are role models not just for their daughters; but even for the sons, who gradually develop an egalitarian gender ideology. Indeed, working women are the real asset of society.

“Limitation is only in your mind. You have the ability to jump over that limitation.”

Have you ever considered that it is ‘you’ who decide what you believe? Our actions are the result of our thoughts. Where you doubt your abilities begins the origin of limitations. By limiting your beliefs, you will always live below your potential and never reach your true essence. Self-doubt is a killer, and believing in yourself is everything!

“Try to ensure that each day is a fulfilling one, happy one and the one in which we feel contented.”

Have you experienced the beauty of becoming content with what you have and who you already are? Being joyful and pleased is accepting and loving whoever you are, which is an absolute necessity. Loving yourself leaves you with a responsibility to gift yourself the best version of yourself.

Listen to Isha Pant talk about her life journey, full of dips and highs and how she conquered his battle. Watch this session of Dr Kamini Rao’s Master Class loaded with information only on her official YouTube channel. Inspirational talks are incredibly powerful, and this motivational talk show by Dr Kamini Rao, and directed & produced by Mrs Pooja S Rao, is widely appreciated and loved by viewers across the globe. The effort by the dynamic duo to bring in people who made the impossible possible with their hard work and ability continues with our upcoming episodes. Stay Tuned and Keep Watching Dr Kamini Rao’s, Master Class.