For yrs, girl lived with a branched womb

Every month, Vaidehi (name changed), 19, suffered menstrual pain. So severe that she had to be hospitalized. Even IV fluids administered to her hardly helped. The cause of her misery was a branched uterus. Having recently undergone a surgery, she hopes to lead a pain-free life.

Till she was 15, Vaidehi was like any other carefree teenager. The problem surfaced at 16, when her uterus started developing.

She was suffering from bicornuate uterus, a birth defect where the womb is split into two. In Vaidehi's case, the left horn of the uterus had no outlet, hence, the eggs released by the ovary accumulated, leading to acute pain. The condition affects one in 10,000 women. Apart from being painful, the disorder affected Vaidehi's state of mind too.

The family consulted a number of doctors, but to no avail. Unable to bear the trauma, Vaidehi had even contemplated suicide.

"The left part of the uterus, which had no outlet, was surgically removed. She has to live with half her uterus now, but the ovaries are intact. She should be able to lead a normal married life," said Dr Kamini, gynaecologist and founder, Milann, the fertility centre, who operated upon Vaidehi.

The girl, who's pursuing BCom, hopes to go back to college soon.