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Dr. Suma Sudhindra is a Classical musician and a celebrated Veena virtuoso from India. One of the foremost exponents of the Veena in her generation of Musicians, she began playing the Veena at the age of eight and was trained by Veena maestros Raja Rao and Chitti Babu. Her fashion of music blends classical conservatism and the dynamic spirit of innovations and she has entertained her listeners with great panache over the years. Dr. Suma Sudhindra is critically acclaimed for National as well as international concerts. She also has to her credit the ‘Tarangini Veena’, created by her which is a compact version of Saraswathi Veena. Her innovation in the field of music has made a tremendous impact. The founder and director of Tarangini Arts Foundation also organise cultural fests every year to encourage the cause of Indian classical music apart from promulgating lessons in veena and classical music. Additionally, she is also a part of the Artists’ Introspective Movement (AIM), which organises the Bangalore International Arts Festival (BIAF), a cultural platform for artists. Besides being a performer herself, she has trained many students and guided several others for their PhD programs. Dr. Suma has released about 25 music albums on Carnatic classical, fusion, jugalbandi and experimental music. Back in 2001, Dr. Suma has been awarded the Karnataka Rajyotsava Award. Moreover, Dr. Suma is the first lady from Karnataka to receive Kalaimamani, the highest civilian award from the Tamil Nadu Government. She has also been awarded Veena Rajarao National Award in 2019. She is a classical soloist, a contemporary composer, cultural activist, administrator, teacher, organizer and performer. Know more about her and what made her extraordinary in this episode.

Good Old Days

“I had a very happy childhood.”

Dr. Suma Sudhindra grew up in Jayanagar, Bangalore. She started her journey into the melodies as early as five years old. At the age of eight, she started playing the veena.

“When you are young it becomes a part of you. You get it naturally and you will never give up.”

Starting early is the benchmark for your success. The sooner we learn, the finer we’ll be able to apply the knowledge we’ve acquired. So, start early!

Dr. Suma has a unique instruction to the parents here. Watch this episode to know the noteworthy message.

Power of Music

“If you learn music, your memory power increases. It opens your mind; it opens your vision.”

Music is one of the few elements which encourages us to be creative and more productive. Instrumental and Classical music is known for being calming while heightening concentration and helping students perform better. ‘Music’ in itself is a ‘healing.’

“It’s nice to have a base of Carnatic, Hindustani, Classical or Western music. That gives you an edge or hold over others.”

The Veena artist strongly states “Classical music has it’s kind of enlightened audience… not everyone can appreciate classical music.”

‘Megha’, her own five-band team is known for Fusion, Carnatic and Jazz. The performances in every concert have given the audiences globally enriching and satisfying experiences which recall even today. Besides Dr. Suma Sudhindra also led a 75 Veena ensemble, a first of its kind program in the country which was well accepted by the critics and audience.

Taringini Veena

“Through these doors, I always felt that I should improve Veena.”

The best way to surprise yourself is to challenge yourself with your courage; that is the only way you find yourself.

Further, in the show, she mentions her trip to various concerts and events. “It was very difficult to carry Saraswathi Veena…” She narrates how she either damaged or broke the instrument on every single trip.

‘She sobbed, she restored and then she fashioned.’

“One of my proudest moment and proudest achievement in my life is Tarangini Veena.”

Dr. Suma Sudhindra’s, ‘Tarangini Veena’. She mentions how she surprised even herself by creating this compact version of Saraswathi Veena which her latest contribution in the world of music.

Well, she has a surprise for you too; So, watch this episode now!

Perceive the Music

“If you just spend 45 minutes in this museum, you will understand something about Indian music, you will love something about Indian music and you will come back happy.”

Dr. Suma Sudhindra is the director of Indian Music Experience (IME), a new kind of museum and the first of its kind in India and South East Asia, where one can touch, feel and experience music. IME is Dr. Suma’s dream project and the sparkle in her eyes while discussing the same with Dr. Kamini is not worth missing.

“I believe you need to take challenges. If everything is ‘Ordinary’, you won’t achieve the Extraordinary.”

Watch this exciting session of Dr. Suma Sudhindra with Dr Kamini Rao in her Master Class where they further discuss the challenges encountered in turning the audio modes to visuals form. Also, she has a very important message for the viewers, so watch this now!

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