Dr. Kamini Rao's Master Class

Watch Padma Shri Dr Kamini Rao in an exhaustive conversation with Dr Sudarshan Ballal. A veteran nephrologist; Dr Sudarshan Ballal, heads India's third-largest healthcare company Manipal Health Enterprises. He is the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board and Medical Director of Manipal Hospitals. With over 34 years of experience under his belt, Dr Ballal has had the distinction of being one of the few doctors to be triple board-certified in Internal Medicine, Nephrology & Critical Care.

What makes you motivated towards your goal?

Dr Ballal has been a part of Manipal Health Enterprises for over 20 years now. His thorough knowledge, expertise and passion towards the industry were contributory in positioning Manipal Hospitals as one of the top healthcare enterprises.

“I loved Manipal and Manipal loved me.”

Work fills a large part of our life and the only way to be deeply satisfied is believing your work is great and the sole way to do great work is to love what you do. What makes us motivated towards our goal is our love for it.

“I was born with the will to become a doctor… I was so focussed on becoming a doctor and I didn’t want anything else in life.”

Your love and passion for your goal is the reason why you stay dedicated. Dr Ballal discusses his school days and college years and how his life revolved around studies. Distractions were rare but the will power to work hard would always overcome the interferences. Don’t you think a will power so strong will always lead to success?

Doctor-Patient Relationship

The exclusive conversation reveals the core element in the medical profession – A doctor-patient relationship. The patient-doctor relationship is a special thing; It is the love of humanity and a relationship so well defined by trust, loyalty, knowledge and regards. Then what makes the relationship so sour now?

“The last couple of decades I’ve seen the relationship between the doctor and patient turning sour and that has been my greatest regret.”

Medicines can cure but one inspirational word from a doctor gives the strength to fight from within. Dr Ballal talks about how important is it to differentiate between the poor outcome of a complication and negligence.

“Not all poor outcomes are negligence.”

Healthy communication between the physician and a patient in a psychiatrist–patient relationship improves the patient’s ability to recoup from ailments. But corruption and malpractices in health management industries have altered the relationship between the doctor and patients. How do we overcome this? Can we blame the doctors for this? Dr Ballal quotes how the media and movies can make a large impact on the society at in changing the perspective of viewers.

Importance of Universal Health Coverage

Further in this discussion, Dr Ballal raises some salient points on the importance of universal health coverage. He quotes “We should look forward to universal health coverage. No one in India should walk around without health insurance.”

He underscores the importance of making health insurance a part of our basic necessity and what is the role of government in implementing primary and preventive initiatives in the healthcare sector for affordable medical care.

Watch this informative session of Dr Sudarshan Ballal with Dr Kamini Rao in her Master Class. The upcoming instalments will bring in another set of incredible speakers like M.Lakshminaraya, Additional Chief Secretary to the CM of Karnataka, Dr Ravi Prakash, President of the FHVI, Dr B.S.Srinath, Senior Consultant Surgical Oncologist and Head of the Institution, Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Tejaswini Ananth Kumar, politician and founder of Adamya Chetana, Dr R Balasubramaniam, development activist, author Dr R Balasubramaniam, author and founder of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM) and Grassroots Research And Advocacy Movement (GRAAM) and Dr Suma Sudhindra, classical musician and a foremost exponent of Veena in her generation of musicians.

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