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Dr. Gururaj Karajagi is a well-known academician and the Chairman & Director of the Academy of Creative Teaching, Bangalore. He is a doctoral degree holder in Chemistry. Besides, he is also a popular columnist and has published several research papers in international journals in addition to 1800 columns. He is a Life Fellow of the Electrochemical Society of India besides serving the Board of Management of several Medical Universities. Dr. Karajagi also has to his credit the implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in the colleges of Karnataka. Additionally, he also served as a member of the State Resource Group (SRG) and Karnataka Jnana Aayoga. He has authored a series of 15 books entitled “Karunaalu Baa Belake”- a collection of 100 motivating stories related to life; which is immensely popular amongst the readers. Being an institution builder, he has contributed to building over 85 High tech schools internationally. Dr. Karajagi is a recipient of the prestigious Kannada Rajyothsava Prashasti and Kempegowda Prashasti. Let’s know more about him and what makes him ‘extraordinary’ in this episode, streaming now!

Origin of this extraordinary soul

Born to Sri Vasantrao Karajagi and Smt. Lakshmi Karajagi in Bilagi, Dr. Karajagi has made his name as independent education management professional. In a family of three siblings, Dr. Karajagi is the second child.

“My mother gave me life and a lot of values, but it is my sister who shaped my life.”

In this edition of Dr. Kamini Rao’s Master Class, he describes the role of his elder sister in shaping his life to a great extent. We can see the respect he carries to date for his ‘Akka.’ Dr. Karajagi describes his elder sister as a ‘pragmatic philosopher.’ While narrating some childhood instances, he states: “My sister ingrained in me the art of serving people.”

While growing up, we’ve all learned from our life experiences but little did we know about the art of serving people in our childhood. ‘Create pleasure for others while satisfying yourself’ – that is the art. Know more about this ‘art’ in the words of Dr. Gururaj Karajagi. Tune in now!

Further on the show, Dr. Karajagi talks about his grandfather, who was the second person who had a major influence in his life. He mentions several instances of his boyhood days with his grandfather, who was his umbrella and guarded him while giving lessons on leadership.

“Leaders don’t complain, and those who complain are not leaders.”

A true leader in any organization is a person who doesn’t complain, but rather finds out solutions to the issues. Constantly whining or complaining about a situation will only make your life miserable.

Gaining Knowledge on the go and founding ACT

“Education is my life… It is the purpose of my life.”

Dr. Gururaj Karajagi completed his schooling from K.E. Boards High School, Dharwad. He further went to pursue his M.sc and PhD from Karnataka University. He holds a record of completing the fastest PhD in two years.

He beautifully narrates an incident from his school days demonstrating the love and affection of a student and teacher. While talking about his board exams, he mentions: “For about a month, I was a failed candidate.” Not many of us know about this side of his journey and the struggle behind his voyage to being extraordinary. How did he overcome this failure? Did he fail his board exams? How did the family react? And what was the role of his favourite teacher in all these confusions? Know Dr. Gururaj Karajagi inside out in this exhaustive conversation with Dr. Kamini Rao.

“In those 5 minutes of hugging and crying, my teacher demonstrated to me, what is teachership? I decided at that moment; come what may, I want to be a teacher.”

Every word he speaks on this show is so encouraging, for not just the young viewers but also the elderly.

The decade-old teacher training and educational consultancy service in Bangalore, Academy for creative teaching (ACT), has trained about 2.5 lakh teachers since its inception and continues the count. The creator of a culture of creative teaching, Dr. Gururaj Karajagi, talks about his journey before the inception of ACT: “We’ve struggled for 2 years.” The training module for ACT was designed based on the principles of finishing school for teachers, which have slowly gained importance. Dr. Karajagi has travelled and lectured extensively across national boundaries; while conducting numerous training programmes for educational and corporate organizations. He further describes the teachers as the custodians of society.

“Teaching is the only profession in the world which constantly has a dialogue with the future.”

Watch the impactful and ever motivating story of Dr. Gururaj Karajagi. You can’t miss the inherent qualities and the values shared in this episode of Dr. Kamini Rao’s Master Class. With the first session, we’ve heard Dr Ferzaan Engineer, Co-founder and Chairman of Cytecare Hospitals. The upcoming instalments will bring in another set of incredible speakers like Dr Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairman, Biocon, M. Lakshminaraya, Additional Chief Secretary to the CM of Karnataka, Dr Ravi Prakash, President of the FHVI, Dr B.S. Srinath, Senior Consultant Surgical Oncologist and Head of the Institution, Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital and Research Centre and Khushi Dinesh, International Swimmer.

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