Dr. Kamini Rao's Master Class

This episode of Dr. Kamini Rao’s Master Class features Dr. G A Rama Raju, Medical Director of Krishna IVF Clinic. This 49th session is indeed a special one as Dr. Rama Raju had flown down from Vizag to be the guest speaker. We’ve known this man to be an incredible doctor and a great keynote speaker, but with this interview, we know him beyond the medical field.

“Going into this field gave me a lot of joy. That’s the most important thing.”

Steve Jobs made an impactful statement in 2005: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” People often wonder, how does enjoying your work lead to success? Will finding a career that you’re wildly passionate about make you feel like you are on a vacation? Loving your job is a wonderful thing. If you love what you do, you probably have taken the first few steps to reach your goal. The feeling of being accomplished and satisfied for a living is about spending the majority of your time practising and acting on your strengths.

Further, in the show, he states: “Enjoy every day the joy of nature around, growing.” The enchanting nature’s beauty from his walkways evoke visions of lush meadows. Little did we know about his nature-loving side.

“Sharing is a joy…”

Have you ever shared something because it made you smile? Sharing in every form is indeed a powerful way to bring happiness. It imprints in us the virtue of caring and brings inherent joy and happiness within us and also to the person with whom we have shared. In the words of Billy Graham: “There is no joy in life like the joy of sharing.” When we serve others, we serve ourselves. Sharing is much more than an act of generosity. Being a basic component of human interaction, it is about building stronger relationships. So, next time you come across something good, share it; because ‘happiness and joy’ are contagious.

“Respecting the patients and taking care of the patients… makes a lot of difference.”

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