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Ask Dr. Ajit Huilgol- a multifaceted gentleman who doesn’t live by medicine alone. Besides being one of the finest Transplant Surgeon in India, he is known for his active role as an International Cricket commentator for All India Radio until 2005. Dr. Ajit comes with a medical experience of over 37 years, and he’s currently practicing as a Chief Consultant-Nephrology and Renal Transplant Surgeon, Columbia Asia Hebbal, India. With an eminent career of performing more than 2500 successful Renal Transplants internationally, Dr. Huilgol has been associated with multiple hospitals in his nearly 4-decade old journey. He is also Director & Chief Transplant Surgeon of Karnataka Nephrology and Transplant Institute (KANTI).

An amateur hypnotist in his juvenescence, Dr. Huilgol was given the title of Hon Special Police Officer in the Karnataka Forest CID wing for his courageous role in nabbing over 40 tigers, and other rare animal, poachers who were operating in the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve. He has been a part of a movie named Freaky Chakra starring Dipti Naval, where he had a short role as a cricket commentator. With Dr. Kamini Rao’s Master Class, we’ve known another passionate side of Dr. Huilgol. Have you known a surgeon spell-bound an observer with a strong story and visual artistry? Dr. Ajit Huilgol is an avid wildlife enthusiast and an award-winning wildlife photographer.

“I was 40 years old when I brought my first camera.”

There is no age limit for learning until your craving for interest ends. Learning is an unceasing method, and a true learner always looks for avenues to acquire from everything. Don’t we all want to learn more every day?

He was presented the Runner-up Award in the highly prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award in 2009, for his vertically descending leopard shot, captured in Nagarhole Tiger Reserve in Karnataka. What is even more surprising is that he gets very emotional describing the moment with a very beautiful spiel of a blind girl appreciating this image.

“Create something that will make your subject last forever.”

One thing that makes a great snap is its ability to convey emotion; whether you can see it or not, feeling the capture has the largest impact. ‘Emotion’ is the foundation for all of capturing shots.

Tune in now! And know this unique anecdote by Dr. Ajit Huilgol.

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