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This exclusive session of Dr. Kamini Rao’s Master Class will enlighten you with Ashwini Nachappa’s amazing journey into the sector of sports. As a growing child Ashwini Nachappa used to live right in front of Sri Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru and to her luck the player of India’s triple jump and Asian Games gold medalist Mohinder Singh Gill was a frequent visitor. Mohinder Singh Gill would tempt children with treats if they did as he said and ran a leap around the stadium. Like all children Ashwini fell prey to the sweets and used to run around the stadium.

Nachappa was only 10 years old when she showed her excellence in the field of sports. As she grew up, she participated in many games which were hosted in different countries of the world. Ashwini Nachappa gained fame around the start of the 1980s, when she outran P.T. Usha on two occasions.

Ashwini has been referred to as India's FloJo. Apart from being a track and field athlete, well known olympian Ashwini had a short career with the Telegu film industry and was awarded the state Nandi Award for Best Debut Actress.

Ashwini Nachappa says: “If you have the Interest, Passion follows.” Finding something you are passionate about and keeping yourself interested in; continuing the journey despite failures will make you unstoppable; that is where you will achieve what you’ve always worked for; Passion develops with action.

She further states: “Don’t make excuses for anything in life. There is no if’s and but’s; It is the now we all work for.” Counting on excuses to avoid challenges and struggles is an attitude that will only harm us. The more we reside on them, the more powerful our excuses become. There’s no better way or time to start working towards our dreams than right now. Don’t make excuses and regret later, stay strong, fight hard, and never give up in life.

Dr. Kamini Rao’s Master Class has recently hit a milestone of 25 successful episodes. This motivational talk show by Dr. Kamini Rao, and directed & produced by Mrs. Pooja S Rao, is widely appreciated and loved by viewers across the globe. The effort to bring in people who made the impossible possible with their hard work and ability continues with our upcoming episodes.

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