Milann celebrates International Nurses Day

Bangalore: Bangalore based Milann, India’s leading fertility centre celebrated International Nurses Day with all pomp and vigour, today at the hospital premises. Milann has a team of highly dedicated, qualified and registered nurses who are specially trained in infertility, gynecology, obstetrics and neonatology under the able guidance of Dr Kamini A Rao, Medical Director Milann and Lt. Col Anuradha, Nursing Director.

The celebrations began with Patient Safety Week, by conducting various activities to promote ‘Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals’ – the WHO theme for the year 2017. The significant activities included basic life support training, effective management of bio-medical waste, and soft skill training to the nurses. Cultural activities including dance performances by the talented nurses, poster competition and quiz competitions were held too giving the angels in white coats a much needed break from their busy schedule.

Standing at the helm of the celebration was, Lt Col Anuradha Sangal, Director of Nursing, Milann with 25 years of experience in Army and Corporate Hospitals. She said, “We give the best training to our nurses and have one of the best nursing staff in and are quite delighted that the team came forward to participate in all the activities with much enthusiasm and excitement. With Zero infection rates, our nurses are given weekly training to ensure good services to the patients and moreover, all Milann nurses are trained lactation consultants and promote breast feeding which is certainly the need of the hour.”

Patient safety, competent and personalized care are the main goal of the nurses in Milann. They have done quality improvement project in Infection control, CSSD and in Preventing Drug errors.