#8 Reasons Women can Become Great Entrepreneurs

Her ability to effortlessly slip into different roles at the same time, ensuring the quality does not suffer, should be considered as a lesson for any management student

Gone are the days when women were portrayed as caregivers. Today, women entrepreneurs have made their way into the top echelons of corporate firms, conquering tough bastions. Women are scoring high and earning plaudits for their leadership skills. There is no place or position a woman can’t scale up to today.

1. Women can Network

Social networking has been accelerating at a fast pace in sync with technological advancements. Socializing has never been an issue for women and they can be great communicators at expressing their feelings to other people.

2. Women have Intuition

Women are known to be emotionally impulsive due to the hormone play. But women are also known for their ability to channel their energy into the right direction especially when they adorn responsible positions. Women have senses that ping when a small detail goes out of hand.

3. Women have Tolerance

From parents to husband and kids, who knows to appease the family better than a mother? Her ability to effortlessly slip into different roles while at the same time ensuring the quality does not suffer, should be considered as a lesson to learn from for any management school student.

4. Women can Multi-task

Being, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, a colleague, a boss all at been through them all, understanding and coordinating with any aspect of a challenge. A mother at home and a leader at work require different perspectives of handling any situation. This gives women an upper hand at managing various scenarios.

5. Women Have Patience

With great power comes great responsibility, and who says women are not our everyday heroes. Being brought up in a patriarchal society, where men are always given the first opportunity to succeed in life, women have always strived to go the extra mile to emerge trailblazers in number of areas.

6. Women will Listen

Women are known to be better than men at empathizing. Sensing the thoughts and feelings of others appropriately, they emerge to be great solution providers. They respect reciprocal relationships and are more cooperative and collaborative in their approach. . Logic can only take you from point A to point B, but a heart full of empathy can make millions happy.

7. Women can Adjust

In a male-dominated work place, woman always end up being a lone ranger. This gives them the edge to be heard and acknowledged, as well as understood their place amongst society. Learning to control oneself when nobody is around to understand you, a place where all women have been in.

8. Cool-power Leadership

As the corporate world is moving from a hot to cool power leadership, women have an upper hand since her skills are not exerted through authority but personal interaction. She has an inclination towards a holistic and self-reflective approach consequently making her a stronger and more effective leader than her male counterpart. Being a woman is tough, but working with them is not. Her natural propensity to be better listeners who are capable of effectively dealing with stressful situations to come up with intelligent solutions, defying all odds and leading by example, gives her the extra push to be at the top.